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Learn How To Invest In Real Estate

The moment you’re just getting started with a new business venture, especially those that revolve around professional investments such as real estate, you tend to make a great deal of errors.

Most individuals who develop an interest in real estate investment end up looping from one mistake to another for years, even after devouring tons of ebooks, videos, and training courses on the subject.

What is the missing link preventing most aspiring investors from attaining financial freedom with real estate investments? Why do some folks attain huge success while some others see not even an iota of success?

Reasons Why Ebooks And Courses Only Serve To Confuse You

Some hard-working investors have been able to get started on their own and make tons of money, but they are the exception. When you find yourself failing continuously, what you need is a real estate coach.

Electronic books and courses drag you in different paths, but a real estate mentor sets you on the right path to success. You gain extensive knowledge from their expertise, and through their coaching, you are able to focus on a single goal at a time, which is paramount to success.

They can also notice mistakes you’ve overlooked and guide you on what to do instead. It’s like they’re a teacher, gripping your hand and telling you exactly what to carry out. With that type of support, your possibilities of success increase significantly.

The Only Real Estate Mentoring Program I Recommend

You’ll discover numerous real estate coaching programs on the internet, all with similar assertions of helping you become a six-figure real estate professional in as little time as feasible.

All of these programs are obviously costly, so selecting the best one is of vital importance. Choose the wrong one and you’ll likely end up regretting wasting time and cash you simply cannot really get back.

I’m a successful real estate professional, and I obtained my education from my mentor, Phil Pustejovsky. Phil Pustejovsky owns the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program – a program that explains to you the ropes on how to achieve financial freedom in real estate. Here are some Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program reviews to help you guage the effectiveness of the program.

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is not a program you can just buy any time you wish. You need to apply initially, and you’ll only gain access to the program if your request is accepted.

The actual fact that Phil Pustejovsky screens applications goes to show how much he wishes you to succeed. He’ll only take coachable, action-oriented, and optimistic applicants.

Phil was once an amateur as well. He began from an all-time low and only began to achieve success right after he met his coach, Tom.

Since then, he has managed to close tens of millions of dollars worth of transactions while netting millions of dollars in profits during the process.

If you think Phil’s expertise will have a favorable effect on your real estate journey, then you need to pay undivided focus to the next paragraphs as I explain his Freedom Mentor program in more detail.

Why Freedom Mentor?

Through subscribing to the Freedom Mentor coaching program, you’ll gain access to premium tools and resources to help you finalize your very first real estate deal.

These consist of access to a lender database, an instruction/lead-generating software to help you find deals quicker, and a personalized investing strategy.

That’s not all, though. You’ll also receive 3 real-time mentoring calls monthly with Freedom Mentor’s instructors, 2 conference calls weekly, and the capability to ask questions as well as instantly obtain answers from the coaches by means of an instant messaging platform.

There are a couple of really good features of the coaching program which allow it stand out from the competition. The first feature is the range of helpful mentors and coaches it incorporates.

You won’t have access to just Phil Pustejovsky’s mentoring as soon as you become a registered member. Freedom Mentor is made up of a team of mentors and coaches directly trained and mentored by Phil.

These are the coaches you’ll be getting help from. You’ll get access to a consolidated pool of knowledge and experience from many of the best coaches in the industry.

The second feature that makes this program so remarkably effective at assisting aspiring realtors achieve success is its 50/50 split.

This basically implies Phil shares all of his valuable real estate secrets with you, and you share 50% of the profits from your first few deals with him.

When you’ve closed your first few deals, you may then proceed to become an independent property investor, armed with all of the knowledge you’ve obtained from the mentorship program.

If you possess a knack for teaching or mentoring, you could even set up your own mentoring program and show your apprentices the actions needed for success just like Phil does.

A few of Phil’s previous students are currently managing their own mentoring programs after turning into successful real estate investors.

Note: I know the program offering changes from time to time as they continue to fine-tune it and improve it. Nevertheless, this is up to date as of this writing.

Conclusion – Action Takers Wanted

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is tailored towards individuals who are 100% dedicated to becoming successful real estate investors. If you aren’t ready to treat real estate investing just like a business, this program might just not be for you.

The tools, resources, and mentoring offered in the program are more than enough to set you on the right path to financial freedom.

Since you’re splitting your first few returns with Phil, it’s in his benefit to help you succeed, and you possess as much resolve to accomplish just that. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement, so you practically can’t fail if you invest the energy and time to make this work.

Overall, the Freedom Mentor program is the best means to get started in real estate investing. You’re receiving all the help you need from a professional in the business. There’s truly nothing more you need to help make your real estate ambitions come true.

Some Of The Things To Learn Before Making Real Estate Investments

Real estate investing can be very risky, but it can also be highly lucrative. You may believe location, location, location is the number one rule, but the reality is that knowing who you are dealing with is even more important. The reality is that there are some seriously shady characters in the world of real estate. These are the ones you see on late night telly, promising you untold riches.

If you do really want to invest in realty, you must have the right things. First, you need the capital to make an investment. Also, make sure that you get to know the real estate market and learn about the neighborhoods you are interested in.

You also need to be a manager and negotiator and have people skills. Then, you also need to ensure you are able to do repair work, or know the people who can do it for you. Finally, you need a property inspector. In most cases, a real estate investor becomes a landlord. Hence, you will need to learn how to find good tenants and how to be a landlord too. To make it in real estate investing, you need money to spend so you an make more. It is almost impossible to make it in this world without having some money of your own. Now that the practicalities are behind you, you can start looking into locations. You can find out all sorts from the internet, local libraries and town board meetings. You must get to know the location as it is at present as well as looking into future development plans.

Generally speaking, it is easier to get started with rental properties if you are younger, particularly if you don’t have a lot of money to put down. Banks will generally want at least a 20% deposit before giving you a mortgage. 20% can equate to a lot of money, particularly if you will also need to do repairs. However, those who are younger can often get better deals on mortgages, as they have longer to pay them back. There are many other things to think about as well. Of course, one place to start is actually finding a property. However, even this requires a whole lot of research and analyzing. Plus, you will need to find a representative realtor to help you as well. They will help you to find the best properties for your needs. You will then also need to learn about and research what it means to be a good landlord, which takes a significant amount of time as well. Don’t let this put you off, however.

The Most Awesome Wedding Barn in Florida

At the heart of Florida lies one of the most beautiful wedding barns that you probably didn’t know about until now. It’s known as Ever After Farms, and it’s chock full of breathtakingly amazing sights that’ll make you wonder if you’ve been living in a cave.

The grand opening of Ever After Farms took place on the 2nd of November, 2017 and served to showcase the popular blueberry farm which was transformed into a barn wedding venue at the end of blueberry season.

Ever After Farms is Florida’s perfect rustic wedding venue. Imagine Clydesdales pulling a white Cinderella Carriage taking you to a gorgeous ceremony under an enormous 120 year old oak tree.

And just after the vows, a huge covered patio for your guests to mingle while you get pictures with your Ever After in the blueberry vineyard, along a wooden horse fence, on a white boat floating on a beautiful pond with your reflection off the calm water, next to a fully restored 1955 Studebaker Truck, on a swing under an oak tree, amongst wildflowers and in front of a white horse barn.

Then, celebrate the night away inside a breathtaking and enormous wedding barn that has air conditioning and all the other little details that will blow you and your guests away.

Your perfect day begins with the perfect venue. Once you see it, Ever After Farms will be the #1 Wedding Barn on your list because it is truly Florida’s perfect rustic barn wedding venue.







News On How To Locate Selling a House

Essential Standards To Find Selling a Property

Plenty of individuals are investing in real estate because they really want to bring in more cash later on. If you may buy a house now for a specific price, it’s going to be more pricey in the next Five years if the real estate market will stay stable. Nevertheless, you should also think about how tough it is to sell a house. You could see tons of articles saying that they can actually sell a house very easily or there are adverts that will tell you that they can sell it in a few weeks or months. You could always bring the value down, but this is not an advisable thing to do.

Right now in the real estate market, the supply fully outstrips the demand, but you can find different ways to sell your house efficiently. We’ll give you some guidelines on the best way to do this.

The Curb Appeal of the house

First impression lasts so you must make sure that your house is attractive enough for possible buyers. If you’ll think of yourself as a customer, what are the certain things that you want to view in the exterior of your home? Is your house attractive enough to provide a great impression to possible buyers or is there maintenance that needs to be done? The exterior of your house will be the first thing that prospective customer will see and you should remember that they are always paying attention to the external design of your home that they really want to buy.

Make Upgrades To Your property

Making some improvements in the house is essential if you want to attract buyers. You will need to improve the interior and outside of the house so it might be appealing to the customers. If you really want to sell your house, you should check anything that needs fixing and make the essential upgrades. However, you should never over improve as there are upgrades that will not make a difference.

Enhancements can certainly raise the value of the house and its chances to be sold, but you cannot make improvements that will not pay in the long run. You need to make your research and invest in things that will provide the best return.

Get rid of Clutter in Your home

Some people will state that adding some design to your home will make it appealing, but personal items, collectibles and other art works should be removed because they won’t help you sell your house.

The best thing to do is to get rid of them all and leave out the necessary furniture to help make the rooms bigger. The goal is to allow the customers to imagine or picture themselves in your house.

Most customers will start pointing at every section of your home while visualizing what they want to put there if they will buy your house so if there are unneeded and personal items in the space, it would be tough for them to visualize what they want.

Put a Competitive Price

If you’ll sell a home in Miami Beach, Florida, you need to put up a competitive price for your property. If you’ll only put a low value, it’ll be the same as leaving money on the table and if you put a high value, it’s going to be unappealing to the customers. With regards to home buying, the customers are always searching for houses that are quite similar to yours and compare prices. If your property is too expensive, the customer will check out other houses and ignore you. Most of these customers are only counting on home financing so they can’t afford houses that are too pricey. If the price is low, you may sell the house quickly, but your investments will not be given back to you.

Choose A Real Estate Agent

If you believe that you can sell your house on your own, you’re making a mistake. You do not have the experience and knowledge that a professional real estate agent have so it will not be a good idea to sell the house on your own.

If you’ll do this by yourself, you will not be able to sell your house or you may get a bad deal for it. You may actually get fortunate and find a great deal for your house, buy you can’t always count on luck with regards to this because we are talking about a lot of money.

Employ an agent and permit them to handle everything for you. You’ll need to pay them, but it’s better than getting a bad deal for your house.

Before you sell your house, you should make sure that you will follow these simple tips. They are very basic, but you can expect that these ideas will help you sell your house quickly.

Should You Buy a House Together BEFORE You Get Married. Definitely Not…Read On To Find Out Why It’s a Terrible Idea

Financial Agreement

Putting your name on a lease with your significant other before marriage is risky business. What’s an even bigger risk? Buying that property together before marriage. Cohabitation, or, living together before marriage, is on the rise. There are many studies that support that it helps lead the couple to marriage, while other studies prove that it halts any chance of ultimately marrying. If you are even considering purchasing a home with your current partner, you need to have a plan.

You can’t just hope that it will work out. You need to plan for what will happen if it doesn’t. Figure out how you are going to sell the house, and how the profit will be split. People change. While you may be in love now, you might not be in two years. If you don’t have a fair plan of how you will divide the profits, and all of the other details, you’ll have to settle these matters in court.

African American couple relaxing together next to half-painted wall.

While you might think it won’t ever happen to you, there are cases where one party decides they want to break up but don’t want to sell the house. In this situation, you’re going to be stuck until one party budges, or the judge decides what will happen. Also keep in mind, that you’re going to be paying money for court fees and lawyers, which add up.

There is a term you should know, called a “no-nup.” This is similar to a pre-nup, which states what will happen to shared assets in the event of a failed relationship. If you are thinking about buying a house with your partner before marriage, you should speak with an attorney beforehand about all of these details.

couple with the keys of the new home

Usually, an attorney will suggest a property agreement. This will cover both of your property within the home such as the furniture, electronics, lighting, etc. It states how the property would be sold and who would live where after the breakup. Here are some questions that you have to ask each other before you decide to move in:

  • Who will put in what for the house? Will you put up equal costs?
  • Who is going to pay for any improvements or repairs? How will it impact each of your interest in the house?
  • How is the house going to be sold?
  • Can one of you buy out the other in the event that the house must be sold?
  • Who is going to pay bills, and how much?
  • Who will be on the mortgage?

Buying a house before marriage is not a joke. It is something you should carefully consider and get advice from professionals, not your family and friends. Figure out what works best for you and your partner. In many situations, the smarter move is to wait until after marriage to purchase a home.


There Are Many Different Types of Real Estate To Invest In. Read Here To Find Out The Many Different Types, And Which Area Of Investment Would Be Best For You


Many people want to invest in real estate, and for obvious reasons. They get income by simply owning property. Over the last few decades, real estate investing has become an incredibly popular endeavor. It is important to understand that being successful in real estate investment requires more than owning a few great properties.

Rental property investments: This is the most common type of real estate investing. In this type, a person buys a property with the intent to become a landlord and rent it out. In this case, the owner is responsible for taxes, maintenance, mortgage, and other costs associated with the property depending on the type. The owner rents the property at an amount which covers his or her expenses until the mortgage has been paid off.

After the mortgage is paid, any rental income becomes a profit. The property should hopefully have appreciated in value over the course of the mortgage. It is important when searching for a rental property to choose a home that is predicted to increase in value in the long-term future. Owning a rental property is typically not this cut-and-dry. It is delusional to expect that once your mortgage is paid off you hit the jackpot and get free income forever from that property.

commercial-real-estate-investing-commercial-real-estate-investing-3e5e884Real estate investment groups: These groups are for those that want to be able to own a rental property but don’t want to deal with having tenants. An investor can own either one or many units of the space, but the specific company that operates the group will perform the maintenance, market the property, and screen tenants. Keep in mind that the company will take a percentage of the month’s rent. In this situation, the lease will be in the investor’s name.

Real estate trading: Real estate traders purchase properties with the sole intention of holding them for a very small period of time; generally no more than four months. The goal is to sell them for a profit. People also call this term ‘flipping properties.’ The properties purchased are either way below value, or in a very hot market. Actual property flippers do not put money in with the intend to improve the house; the investment has to have value to turn a profit without altering it, or else they won’t buy it.

Architects shaking hands next to scale model

REITs: This is the abbreviation for a real estate investment trust. This is created when a company uses investors’ money to purchase and operate properties. They are bought and sold like stocks. Corporations have to pay ninety-percent of its taxable profits in the form of dividends. REITs allow investors into investments that are non-residential. These would include investments such as shopping malls, office building complexes, and the like.

Leverage: If you want to purchase a stock, you are going to need to pay the full value of it when you place the buy order. Usually, a mortgage will require twenty-percent down on the property. However, there are different types of mortgages that require less, meaning you can control the property and the equity of it by only paying part of the total value. Keep in mind that your mortgage will still eventually pay the entire value of the home at the time you purchased it.

With any investments, there is always potential. The important thing to take away from this article is that real estate investing is much more complicated beneath the surface, and you should weigh all pros and cons before purchasing a property. Good luck!

Debt Can Take a Real Toll On a Homeowner Financially. Here’s How To Get Out Of Debt (And How To Not Be Miserable During The Process)

o-debt-free-facebookWhether we like to admit it or not, money does control most aspects of our lives. It determines where we live, what we live in, where our children go to school, whether or not they have insurance, how we get to work, and our education; just to name a few. If you’ve never been in financial debt before, it is near impossible to comprehend the feeling of hopelessness that goes along with it. No matter how you’ve gotten into debt the feelings are all the same, whether it was accrued from unexpected medical bills, divorce, loss of a job, or simply overspending on unnecessary

Denial is a scary place to be when it comes to debt. Some people keep spending even though they know they are in trouble. They know they’re in deep water, but not exactly how deep because they are too afraid to look at their balance. Facing the debt, in these circumstances, is usually put off by this type of person until foreclosure threats, denial of new credit, or legal action is attempted. If you’re in denial, don’t let it get this far! kredikart

Just because the person is in denial does not mean that they are living worry free. They know they are in trouble and because of this, they are in a constant state of stress and worry, wondering how they are going to pay their credit card bill on top of all of their other bills. This starts to cause eating problems, sleeping problems, and relationship problems with significant others or friends. Many people in debt are too ashamed to tell someone what is going on, so the unusual behavior goes unexplained.

At some point, the person usually becomes angry as they start to move blame to someone else to feel better. Maybe their friends for ‘making’ them go to dinner all of the time, or their wife for redecorating the living room. The only way to get relief from debt is to face it. You have to ask yourself how you are going to deal with the challenges to get out of debt, and also address how you are going to handle the current effects of your debt on your emotional life. You are not going to crawl out of debt overnight, and in order to successfully overcome the situation, you have to have a healthy mindset.

How Long After Bankruptcy Must You Wait to Purchase a House? Not Quite As Long As You Think. Read On To Find Out More About Life After Bankruptcy

bankruptcyBankruptcy is devastating because it puts all of your life plans on hold for quite a while. Getting a new loan, approved for new credit cards, or even renting a new apartment may pose challenging. But what about a house? Many Americans wonder how many years they must wait until they can submit a loan application to purchase a home.

The exact amount of time depends on many factors, so it is actually very difficult to say. Some may bounce back faster than others and be able to get approved sooner. The most important thing you can do in this situation to get back in the game is to get your credit score straight. While it does take about a decade for the bankruptcy to fall off of your credit report, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can or will take ten years for you to be approved for a new loan. bankruptcy-attorney-toledo-ohio

Be sure that you monitor your credit scores from the three credit bureaus, which are Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. You should always be monitoring your credit report to be sure that no one is using your identity. You may have to start brand new with your credit by getting a secured credit card in order to prove to the banks over time that have learned to manage your finances in a responsible manner. This is actually the fastest way toward re-building your credit.

how-long-do-you-have-to-wait-to-buy-a-house-after-bankruptcyThere are two different types of bankruptcy filings; these are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Borrowers who have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy are usually able to apply for a government-backed loan after about a year and a half, assuming they meet specific requirements. Be realistic when looking to apply for the home loan.

Just because enough time has passed doesn’t mean you’re ready. Aside from the fact, that applying too early will ding your score again by five points! Do you have a job? Did you previously pay off a loan? Have most of your inquiries fallen off of your report?

Look honestly at all of the documents and decide if you feel you’d be a good candidate for a loan before you go to the bank. The most important goal here is to not let yourself get too down, as there is always hope that you’ll be able to buy a new house after filing for bankruptcy if you are willing to be patient and do the work.